Unfortunately there is no general protection for all the things we do in our life. 

In case of damage, we are always asked to act properly. Timely action is then required to minimize damage directly and also in its consequences.

Prevention requires that appropriate tools are available to take precaution against adverse circumstances. With the storage of SORB you take your preventive measure to protect health, jobs and the environment.

Weigh out the costs and the expected benefits against each other. Your stock of the right items is your preventive tool to reduce your operational risks when unexpected occurrences occur.

When can I use SORB XT (some examples):

  • Coastal protection
  • Damages to hydraulic hoses
  • Damages to tanker lorries
  • Traffic accidents
  • Damages to machines or engines
  • Damages to forklifters
  • Damges or cleaning of oil tanks or oil seperator plants
  • Soil contaminations
  • Leackages of dangerouos substances
  • Damages of transport packagings


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