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For whom is SORB suitable?

SORB XT as an organic absorbent is the best possible supplement in a safety concept of industry, craft and logistics. Wherever necessary measures are taken to ensure optimally health and safety in the workplace, SORB is the sensible protection in all cases of damage caused by hazardous substrates.

If you have defined measures to prevent hazards, for whose implementation and verification you are responsible, you should have considered SORB in your portfolio of "Must Have Articles" forthe danger minimisation. With SORB, you are able to optimize the most important, meaningful health and safety indicators of your production processes, if necessary, in addition to the requirements of the applicable local laws.

Limit of impacts

With SORB, you are actively involved in environmental protection, since you can act in accordance with measurable environmental-relevant target values. After the application, you can monitor the performance, determine and control the success.

With SORB, you receive a preventive article that allows you to optimize the EHS (Environment, Hygiene, Safety) policy of your company. Thus, SORB can make a significant contribution to the assessment of a responsible, environmentally oriented company policy that protects the health of your employees with the highest degree. SORB helps minimize the impact on the environment in the application, with immediate protection to the entire primary and secondary business environment.


Your absorbent for self-consumption and reselling i.e. to:

  • car accessory sellers
  • construction companies
  • specialist traders
  • wholesalers
  • retailers
  • pipe technology companies
  • road construction companies
  • private users

    Convinving efficiency

    SORB XT convinces through:

  • Effectiveness 
  • Rapidity
  • Versatility
  • Convenient handling
  • Cost-benefit-comparison

Other sectors

SORB - Your binder, e.g. for the areas

  • Agricultural engineering
  • Landscaping
  • Farming
  • Food industry
  • Air technology
  • Motorsports

For application if there will be leakages in

  • Disposal companies
  • Recycling companies
  • Incineration plants

Water near bussiness

SORB - The absorber for the cleaning of contaminated water areas and in production processes, e.g. in sewage treatment plants , the steel industry and ports.

  • Environment protection
  • Environment technology
  • Filter technology
  • Harbours
  • Pump technology
  • Sewage treatment plant

Oil industry, automotive industry, and environmental companies

SORB - Your absorber for leaks in energy production or in mining and applied industries 
(some examples) :

  • Car dealers
  • Energy companies
  • Automobile services
  • Oil traders
  • Oil companies
  • Lubricant manufacturer
  • Tank storages
  • Petrol stations
  • En…

For daily use in the (large) industry for immediate remediation after leaks with certified skid resistance on the commercial ground according to e.g. Hydraulic oil leaks

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Chemical industry
  • Colour and paints
  • Development
  • Drive technology
  • Engineering
  • Industry
  • Industrial mainten…

Public services

SORB - Your binder for road cleaning after accidents or leaks as well as water pollution after leaks e.g. At fire brigades, THW, coastal protection, DRK, district and buildings and airports

  • Airport
  • Associations
  • Breakdown service
  • Civil protection
  • Commune
  • Fire department
  • Fire protecti…


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