SORB - Public Services/Municipalities

for example for: Wrecking services, Fire protection companies, Fire departments, Water protection, Civil protection, Municipalities, Militaries, Safety technology, Maintenance depots.

Convinving efficiency
SORB XT convinces through

  • Effectiveness 
  • Rapidity
  • Versatility
  • Convenient handling
  • Cost-benefit-comparison

Unfortunately there is no general protection for all the things we do in our life. 

In case of damage, we are always asked to act properly. Timely action is then required to minimize damage directly and also in its consequences.

Prevention requires that appropriate tools are available to take precau…

SORB XT as an organic absorbent is the best possible supplement in a safety concept of industry, trade and logistics. At every place where safety and healthiness at work have a significant importance: SORB XT ist he great guarantor in case of leckages or accidents with substances.

For sure, you have…

SORB convinces through:

  • Effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Comfortable application
  • Cost-benefit-comparison

Our environment - today and tomorrow

  • 100% biological
  • Non-toxic for human beings, animals and environment
  • No negative influences on the environment
  • From nature for nature

Public services

SORB - Your binder for road cleaning after accidents or leaks as well as water pollution after leaks e.g. At fire brigades, THW, coastal protection, DRK, district and buildings and airports

  • Airport
  • Associations
  • Breakdown service
  • Civil protection
  • Commune
  • Fire department
  • Fire protecti…


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