SORB XT is your true all-rounder – almost applicable everywhere and very versatile.

Application fields of SORB XT: Plants, companies, environment protection, traffic, municipals, industries…
On water, streets/asphalt, usual grounds, industrial grounds, special grounds…

Special features

  • 100 % biological, without any additives
  • Guarantor for healthiness, work-and traffic-safety
  • Absolutely environmental-friendly, no negative effects
  • Easy to handle because of its low weight
  • ONE product for all applications
  • Less storing-place in stock
  • Thermal utilization possible; high heat value
  • 24/7-availability
  • Guaranteed 5 years of function
  • Useful  complementary products („SORB XT – Tools“)
  • Audit report by MPA (Federal Material Testing Institute, Germany)
  • Audit report Hygiene Institute Dortmund, Germany
  • Delivery capability: short-termed

Application notes

application Notes

SORB XT  –  natural fibre – instructions for use

1. Spread out SORB XT evenly over the leaked substance.
- Use mechanical tools like a broom, a shovel, Peko XT or a dredge
- For mechanical use we recommend to spread out SORB XT as close to the leakage as possible

2. Work into the material without big effort.
- A dark discolouration shows the saturation of SORB XT

3. Skim off or sweep up the substance from the surface
- Normally only one operation is necessary to obtain the necessary grip

4. Dispose the contaminated material with the respective valid laws and local regulations.
- You might consider that the substance probably can be thermally recycled.



The Hygiene Institute of Ruhr District confirms in its occupational medicine assessment and environmentally technical inspection:

  • Non-toxic for human beings, animals and environment
  • Purely organic, 100% biological
  • No negative influences to the environment



Bag of 50L, loose natural fibre

  • Weight: about 7,5kg
  • Pallet of 60 bags

Bucket of 10L, loose natural fibre

  • Weight: about 2,4kg, reclosable
  • Dimensions: about 28*26*19cm
  • Pallet of 128 buckets

Box of 250L, loose natural fibre

  • Weight: about 57kg
  • Dimensions: 1200*800*500mm

Cube of 5500L, pressed natural fibre

  • Weight: about 800kg
  • Dimensions: 1200*1150*2300mm
  • About 3,2 m³

Technical datas

Technical datas

Raw material 100% natural fibre
Density 139 gr/l 
(e.g. 50l-bag=7,5kg/16lb)
1 kg SORB XT abSORB XTs 4,68 l oil
Performance l/l 1 L SORB XT abSORB XTs up to 0,66 l oil
Performance/sec Within a few seconds
Properties (water) Result approval MPA-Institute
a) residual moisture 25-40 %
b) hydrophobic Yes
c) hygroscopic No
d) floatabl Yes, > 95 %
Application fields Result approval MPA-Institute
a) Typ I Water
b) Typ II Small bodies of water/usual grounds
c) Typ III Special/industrial grounds
d) "R" (road); grip after use 97 %
Auto-ignition temperature  
°Celsius 265-289° C
°Fahrenheit 509-552,2° F
Guaranteed years of function 5 years




For which substances is SORB XT suitable?

  • Oil or oil-similar substances
  • Fuels
  • Large number of chemicals
  • Lubricants
  • Oil-based paints, oil-based colours
  • Non-stabilized emulsions
  • Brake-fluids
  • Coolants
  • Anti-Freezers
  • Aerosols
  • Blut….

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