Unfortunately there is no general protection for all the things we do in our everday life.
Therefore prevention is taking in account a high priority.

SORB XT is a suitable tool for protection if an accident could happen.
Storing XT means: preventive measure for safety and workplace, always considering the environmental protection.

After balancing the costs and benefits you will come tot he conclusion that SORB XT is the perfect measure for prevention in cases of accidents.

When can I use SORB XT XT (some examples):

  • Coastal protection
  • Damages to hydraulic hoses
  • Damages to tanker lorries
  • Traffic accidents
  • Damages to machines or engines
  • Damages to forklifters
  • Damges or cleaning of oil tanks or oil seperator plants
  • Soil contaminations
  • Leackages of dangerouos substances
  • Damages of transport packagings
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