Unfortunately there is no general protection for all the things we do in our everday life.
Therefore prevention is taking in account a high priority.

SORB XT is a suitable tool for protection if an accident could happen.
Storing XT means: preventive measure for safety and workplace, always considering th…

SORB XT as an organic absorbent is the best possible supplement in a safety concept of industry, trade and logistics. At every place where safety and healthiness at work have a significant importance: SORB XT is the great guarantor in case of leckages or accidents with substances

For sure, you have determ…

SORB XT convinces through

  • Effectiveness
  • Rapidity
  • Versatility
  • Convenient handling
  • Cost-benefit-comparison

Our environment - today and tomorrow

  • 100% biological
  • Non-toxic for human beings, animals and environment
  • No negative influences on the environment
  • From nature for nature

SORB XT is your true all-rounder – almost applicable everywhere and very versatile.

Application fields of SORB XT: Plants, companies, environment protection, traffic, municipals, industries…
On water, streets/asphalt, usual grounds, industrial grounds, special grounds…

Special features…

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